1951 - 2017
The Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology and Institute of Wood Products was founded in 1951.  Since 1954  was founded Department of Wood products and the furniture design has begun to teach as a separate course. In 1970 the department was renamed as the Department of Architecture, Furniture and Wood Products and in 1981 was called the Department of Furniture and Wood Products . The study program "Industrial Design of Furniture"  was created in 1988. In 1993 another  study program "Interior Design and Consulting" was created. In 1995, the Department was splited and transformed into the "Department of Furniture Design and Wood Products" focused more on creative arts, which offered three study programmes in the field of design. Since 2015 there was need to change the name again and the deartment was renamed as the "Department of Furniture and Interior Design" which offers studies in all three levels of university education in field of DESIGN.




The alumni of the doctoral studies in the study program Design of Furniture and Housing declare the ability and readiness for an independent creative and research activities in the field of the design and related areas. He is prepared to forme and introduces trends and concepts in this field. The alumni conduct scientific and creative artwork methods in design. He may enter the practice as an independent creative designer of furniture and interior; leader of the design team, scientific and research fellow in the field of furniture, interiors, and housing; university teacher or journalist. Study program reinforces ability for independent creative work on conceptual and practical research projects; to analyze and discover difficult issues in the research area; to distinguish and named their regularities; to collect and process findings which represents expanding the boundaries of knowledge in the field and by a new original approach solve special problems. The competitive advantage of the alumni is his knowledge about the design of furniture, interior, and exterior among its mutual relationships and ability to process these bonds into a new context with respect to humanity. The alumni are not only finding solutions for problems but also proposes, describes and offers a new theoretic and art opinions and conclusions.